Alkaline Kuih (碱水糕)

Alkaline Kuih (碱水糕)

200g rice flour
700ml water
1 tsp salt
1 tsp alkaline water

1.  Sieve the rice flour into a mixing bowl.  Add in the salt, 200ml water and the alkaline water and mix well. Rest the mixture for 10-15 mins before straining.
2.  Boil remaining 500ml water.  Then, pour the boiled water into the rice flour mixture and stir till thick.
If the mixture is runny, pour it in a pot and cook it on low heat, stir till it thickens.

3.  Ready a round tray with cellophane paper.  Pour the rice flour mixture into it and smoothen the surface with 2 tbsp water.  Steam over high heat for about 1/2 hour or till cooked.
4.  Cool kueh before cutting into serving pieces.