Ni-Tamago (煮玉子)

We all like to eat ramen, especially the Ni-Tamago (hard-boiled eggs) which come with the ramen, I always order extra Ni-Tamago coz I really like it. Many people called this egg for spa egg,  Japanese-style hard-boiled eggs and so on. Whatever ... as long as you like, you can call it in whatever name that you like. When you cook an instant noodle, try to add in the Ni-Tamago, your instant noodle will become a supreme instant noodle, you gonna try it out ya!



Chashu Miso Ramen チャーシュー味噌ラーメン (日式叉烧味噌拉面)

Yesterday, I went to Tokyo Street (Pavillion KL) for my dinner. However, I’m not stratified with the dinner whereby the food quality ain’t that really good and pricey(I ate a bowl of Ramen for RM40 at the newly opened Santouka Hokkaido Ramen Restaurant).  After went home, I try to look for the Ramen recipes from my favorite cookbook…Thus, I make this Chashu Miso Ramen for today’s breakfast. It is really easy and delicious.

昨天又去KL Pavillion里的Tokyo Street“烧饼”了,这一次去了新开的山头火北海道拉面店吃晚餐,吃了一套超贵的拉面,一套叉烧拉面要价RM40(而且是味精汤,吃后超渴的)。价钱不是问题,最在意的是食物素质所以回家后赶紧翻查烹调拉面的食谱。今天早餐就这样搞定了这一道超简单又美味的日式叉烧味噌拉面咯(而且材料都很便宜)


Natto Don なっとうどん (纳豆丼)

Natto is a well known Japanese healthy food but not all of the people like it. It is a fermented soy bean with strong smell and strong flavour. However, Natto Don always a best choice for the busy lifestyle especially for quick breakfast. It is so easy to make a delicious Natto Don in just few minutes.