Rice Burger (日式米汉堡)

You may be tired of eating the traditional big burger, why not to try something healthy and simple likes Japanese style Rice Burger? It won’t have the kind of oily feeling,  the taste is absolutely awesome. This is an Asian food, meat always goes well with rice!  You have to give it a try!



Tamagoyaki (和风玉子烧)

A lot of my friends love Tamagoyaki but they always complain that they don’t have the equipment to cook it. Therefore, I found an easy way to solve their problem. You may not really need a Japanese square pan to make the Tamagoyaki. You just need a normal flying pan and a bamboo curtain to make it. That’s simple!



I have been long time didn’t cook Omurice, since I have chicken in my refrigerator, I decided to cook the Japanese style omelet with rice for today. Imagine the gold-colored fried egg wrapped with the creamy tomato fried rice, it is simple and superb delicious!



Mushroom Miso Soup (香菇味噌汤)

Miso soup is the easiest Japanese dish. You can just add in whatever ingredient (Chicken, Vege or Seafood) into a miso soup and it will taste delicious. Therefore, let’s start to make a fantastic miso soup!