Oyakodon おやこどん (親子丼)

This is another simple japanese food which you can try it out, it is called Oyakodon. The kanji for oyakodon is親子丼(=parent, =children, =rice in a bowl), the name created because there are chicken(parent) and egg(children) in the same bowl. Sound crazy ya! However, this is the traditional dish which already more than 100 year old. Yet…it is so simple to cook it. You must try it out!



Tofu Dango 豆腐だんご (豆腐团子)

I had stop cooking for almost a week because my left hand index finger was injured. Even with just my right hand only, I manage to make this superb simple sweet Japanese traditional dessert, called Dango (Tofu dumpling). I can make it, you can make it too.



Japanese Curry Rice カレーライス (日式咖喱饭)

I can’t really remember when my first time to cook Japanese Curry…but I can recall my memory of my first taste for the Japanese curry rice…the best ever Japanese curry cooked by my Japanese housemate when I’m still studying in university for so many years ago. Then, I got addicted with it and I start to learn to cook the curry.



Kinoko Zousui きのこ雑炊(日式香菇雑炊)

Last weekend I have dinner at Pavillion, a newly open Japanese restaurant named Watami, the food is great but the services have to be improved! I really missed the Tappuri Kinoko Zousui (Assorted mushrooms porridge) after the trip, so I search for the recipe from the internet and get this recipe. In fact, Japanese Zousui is a super simple food, this recipe is absolutely simple, fast and delicious.

上个周末去了刚在Pavillion新开张的Watami(日本餐厅), 食物真的很好吃,只是服务有点慢,可能是刚开张吧(...有待改进)!最令我怀念的就是那道Tappuri Kinoko Zousui(百菇雑炊),所以回家后就赶紧上网搜索食谱。其实日式雑炊是一道超简单的料理,是一道家常菜...还有,这一道美食绝对是又快速又美味的!


Condensed Milk Cookies (炼乳小甜饼)

Yesterday, I found a recipe from a Japanese food website that really make me excited, that’s a recipe of Condensed Milk Cookies. I never thought to make something likes cookies before this (because I do not like to eat cookies!)But…I did it for my first time! I found out it is really easy to make cookies! (Very proud of myself)! And, I will make more cookies next time because I just eat a few…the rest was eaten by the Cookies Monster.

昨天在日本美食的网站看到一个令我振奋的一道食谱,那就是炼乳小甜饼啦!我从来都没想过要做饼干之类的东西(因为我不爱吃饼干!)但…我成功了!做饼干根本不难呀!(突然很骄傲起来!)其实让我振奋的是因为它太简单了!下次要弄多一点,我只吃了几小片甜饼,剩下的被家里的Cookies Monster给啃掉了。


Tonkatsu (日式炸猪排)

When talking about deep flying food…it might scare some of you away but I’m sure you guys will like this food… Japanese Tonkatsu. Don’t worry it is very simple to make the Tonkatsu. In fact, I’ve already prepared an easy-to-follow recipe and you can make your juicy & crispy Tonkatsu just in between few minutes…(maybe you need more time…ha! Not my business LOL) Let’s start!

当谈到油炸食物的时候...可能它会让你抗拒,但我相信你绝对会喜欢这道美食...日式炸猪排。你也绝对不要担心,要做一道炸猪排是非常简单的事情。事实上,我已经准备了一个易于遵循的配方,可以使您在几分钟之间就弄好多汁酥脆的日式炸猪排...(也许你需要更多的时间... 哈!不关我事咯!)开始咯!


Golden Fried Rice (黄金炒饭)

Yesterday evening, I felt so hungry and I’m too lazy to go out to buy the ingredients for cooking...Therefore, I start to search my fridge, I found the leftover rice, eggs, and chicken in the freezer... Wow ... that’s inspired me to cook the Golden Fried Rice! With the special Japanese seasonings, it is absolutely have the feel of Japanese dish! It is so simple, quick and delicious!



Japanese-style Potato Salad (日式马铃薯沙拉)

Cool Japanese-style potato salad is one of the great summer dishes, though I can eat it on any day of the year. Of cause, it is so easy to make the potato salad. You gonna learn it!



Blueberry Mini Tarts (蓝梅迷你塔)

This recipe is from my favorite cookbook, I think it is the easiest tart that I ever make. Ha! The best thing is you not even need an oven to make this dessert. Cool ya! Let’s start.



Blueberry Custard Muffin (蓝梅卡士达玛芬)

You will never fail to make a steam muffin/cake from this recipe. It is so simple and you don’t need many cooking tools…you just need a whisk, a bowl, and a steamer. Then, you will get the fantastic muffins!Please don’t look for me if you are fail! Ha-ha!



Pork Shabu-shabu Salad with Sesame Dressing (芝味猪肉涮涮沙拉)

Shabu-shabu is a Japanese one-pot dish which dip the thin slices of meat into the boiling broth and taken out quickly and then dipped into a special sesame sauce. However, I’m not going to prepare Shabu-shabu today but i gonna use the special sesame sauce to make a Japanese-style salad. Let’s start.



Mushrooms Oriental Omelet (和风百菇欧姆蛋)

You gonna like this dish. It is very simple and really good for breakfast (even go well with steamed rice). If you always have the western-style omelet for breakfast…maybe you can try to make a change for next time…try to cook Mushrooms Oriental Omelet. You will like it!