Steamed Cake (蒸蛋糕)

Why eating those frozen or machine made cake while you can actually enjoy a homemade cake at the ease of finger tip. Therefore, you should try out this recipe.


Chinese Sticky Rice (油饭/糯米饭)

Chinese Sticky rice, this is one of my favorites dish. It is also called "You Bui" in Hokkien.  When I’m a kid, my mum always made a gigantic pot of sticky rice in a rice cooker. I remembered always eating bowl after bowl because it is really tasty.  This dish has both a sentimental and comfort value to it that always reminds me of my mum.
And, it is really easy to make the yummy Chinese sticky rice with this recipe. Hope you guys like it!


Steamed Eggs With Milk Dessert (鲜奶燉蛋)

Steamed Eggs With Milk Dessert

I’m home alone tonight. I felt so hungry after finish reading a food blog. Therefore, I make myself a dessert. Ya…I broke my diet rules again. Never mind, I will work hard tomorrow. Haha! (I always have endless reason…) Hope you guys enjoy too!


Sweet Glutinous Rice Dumpling (冬瓜糖甜汤圆)

Sweet Glutinous Rice Dumpling is a Chinese traditional dessert. Normally, the glutinous rice dumpling serves with brown sugar ginger syrup especially when the weather is cold. However, due to the hot weather in Malaysia for the whole entire year (always summer), I decided to change the recipe with using the dried melon and rock sugar for my version of sweet glutinous rice dumpling. And, it is a very light and healthy recipe. Hope you can try it.



Sesame Oil Ginger Chicken Mee Suah Soup (麻油姜鸡面线)

Sesame Oil Ginger Chicken Mee Suah Soup…I really love this dish.  I always think about this dish every time I smell the aroma of sesame oil cooking from my neighbor.  It takes only few ingredients to cook this dish, but I personally can finish up a serving of this all by myself because it is really tasty.